Angela's Story

Angela Ross, PCC, is a Career and Personal Life Coach. She helps her clients clarify and achieve their personal, financial, and professional goals such as enhanced work-life balance, better romantic relationships, financial literacy, and greater career satisfaction, which leads to personal growth and a truly meaningful and authentic life. Angela’s focus is on women and girls heading into adulthood, challenging them to think differently about creating and living meaningful lives. Her straightforward and direct, but gentle approach combined with her creativity and sense of humor makes coaching both challenging and fun. 

Before creating her coaching practice, Angela held many senior and director level Human Resources positions for several large and small corporate enterprises, non-profits, and start-ups as both employee and independent consultant. In these positions she was responsible for hiring, firing, the creation and execution of policies and procedures, employee relations and workplace conflict, diversity training, employee and management coaching, and strategic planning - Yes, that's a lot! After many years in the corporate world, Angela joined her father’s thriving boutique financial and small business services consulting firm, where she leveraged her business skills and life experiences and became certified as a Career, Business, and Life Coach each with it's own requirements and certifications, by both the Coach Training Alliance (CTA) and ICF (International Coaches Federation), and created Business Coaching Services for the benefit of the Firm and its clients. 

In 2006 Angela was diagnosed with several very serious life threatening auto immune diseases - Systemic Lupus, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Vasculitis, and a rare blood clotting disorder - affecting her heart, lungs, connective tissue/muscles, and her brain - She was given only 18-24 months to live. A year later the disease moved to her brain and she suffered a massive seizure and stroke, and lost her memory; she barely knew her husband and didn't know her own child.

Over the years Angela has endured months of hospitalization, countless rounds of chemotherapy, having to learning how to walk, talk, and use her body all over again...

Her courageous and ongoing fight to live - not just live, but to live authentically, beautifully, and on her own terms - and the life lessons she learns daily because of this fight, serves as the motivating foundation for her calling. Angela brings over 20 years of real life experience and skill to her life's work as a Life Coach and Motivational Speaker, and her daily fight to live brings clarity to her work which allows her to serve and to touch her clients in the most unique and meaningful of ways.
Angela lives in a beautiful little hamlet just twenty minutes outside of San Francisco, within walking distance to the Bay, with her devoted husband of over 20 years and their young daughter, lovingly known as ‘Ladybug’.