What Is Life Coaching?

Coaching is profoundly different from giving advice, therapy, or counseling. Coaching addresses specific personal or professional goals and objectives such as learning how to be open to love, getting a handle on the finances, getting through a particular rough spot, or making a career transition by examining what is going on right now, discovering what your obstacles or challenges may be, then choosing a course of action to make your life be what you want or need it to be.

  • Therapy or counseling
  • Providing recovery and healing
  • About looking at and dissecting the past
  • For healing past wounds that may be affecting the present

 Those Seeking Life Coaching Are:
  • Ready to define and achieve meaningful goals, and wanting to recognize and master the distractions that keep them from doing so
  • Wanting to learn how to skillfully balance the many demands of life
  •  Ready to break through the inertia, feelings of being 'Stuck', and fear
  • Want to build more confidence in themselves, their dreams, and their ability to create change
  • Charting a course through life's major and unexpected transitions and need assistance
  • Ready to let go of and overcome indecision and limiting beliefs 
  • Ready to stop procrastinating and take action to change their lives
  • In need of a guide, an ally who will listen, and be there to help them through this process and hold them accountable to the change they want to create for themselves in a caring and supportive way