Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Is Anyone Out There....?

Yes. I finally shook off that procrastination demon and unofficially launched my own radio show!!

~ Every 1st and 2nd Wednesdays of Every Month ~

It's an extension of my coaching practice where I'll do my best to tackle many of the issues many women are dealing with on a daily basis and provide concrete solutions, empowerment, motivation, and hope. 

I've had a regular spot for a while on another talk show with a good friend and sister Babz Rawls Ivy of "LoveTalk" and her amazing must read blog "Lovebabz: A Life In Transition". My experiences with her wonderful show, along with the encouragement of her and a few others around me, bolstered my confidence to move forward with launching my own show. 

So tune in every other Wednesday, beginning today, for solutions and positive talk on all things money, career, love, balance, and self empowerment. You can also listen right here from my site with the streaming player in the upper right column. Happy listening!

Be wel!
~ Angela

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